I found a game called generally . I'll tell the information here . First download Generally - File 1 . Download 2 dll files and place them in the generally folder - file 3 . Next you download some tracks and cars and place them in the respective folders in generally  . Delete all the files in the drivers , cars and tracks folders and put in the files of drivers, cars and tracks in my zip folder . Start the game .Click on player on the right and select the other cpus . Click on the left beside the player name and choose your car  . There must be plenty because you have downloaded them . At the bottom , click on default tracks and click on all tracks  . You can also make new folders in the tracks folder to sort them out . Press start and play . I hope you found this helpful . Note - if you have 2 players or more click on options below in the game . Then click on drivers and click on create driver . Adjust the colours and configure the controls .




2. Tracks,cars and drivers

Info -

The red circle is the players list .

The blue circle is the cars list . ( You will see it when you click on a player in the right . )

The black circle is the tracks list . ( Click on default tracks as instructed and then click on all tracks . )